Crooked Billet story is a mystery intrigue with a dash of humour about a man who is down on his luck and then finds himself in the middle of a quest involving a secret order, the Catholic Church and a Russian Oligarch. He just wants to get his life back together; however, he quickly becomes obsessed as he follows clue after clue. This story while fictional is built on historic facts. Like other stories of this genre such as “Da Vinchi Code,” “The last Crusade,” and “The Holy Grail,” the target audience would be a wide range, especially those who enjoy mixing mystery and intrigue with historic facts.

CROOKED BILLET is the middle of three films and has a prequel (in planning) and sequel for it (currently being filmed on a low budget) . Both of which we are looking to aquire funding for particularly “THE STAFF” as that will require significant funding to do justice to it.


The staff of Moses was divided into three and each part hidden by Jack Winterburn in 1932. Staff hunters some good some evil find parts of the staff but somehow the staff always seems to get away from them and then present its self to the next disciple of the staff who unwittingly carries it on its journey. That journey is the reunification of the staff to be one again! And so the Staff pieces continue their quest through the ages to be re-united once again.


Prequel – THE STAFF

The Romans brought the staff to Britain in AD 43 where it has helped good triumph over evil through the ages until World War II where it very nearly ends up in the hands of first the Germans and Adolf Hitler, and second Russia and Stalin. Jack Winterburn accidently uncovers the staffs hiding place in 1932 and pays with his life for that knowledge!