CROOKED BILLET I Now available on Amazon Prime click to watch.

CROOKED BILLET II 2D EXTENDED TRAILER 2018 (Completed December 2018 – Currently being shown in various Film Festivals around the World)

In 1939 Jack Winterburn cut the staff of Moses into three parts hiding each part separately to prevent its powers being used by any of the WWII powers against another. The forces that be are stirring again and the staff is going to become one again come what may! Filming is now underway for the second of the CROOKED BILLET feature films.

CROOKED BILLET I 2D TRAILER 2017  (Completed November 2017 – Currently being shown in various Film Festivals around the World)


CROOKED BILLET FEATURE FILM – Local school teacher Martin Smyth-Goodwin inadvertently stumbles across an ancient and powerful secret following clues in a an old notebook found in his late father’s possessions. He unknowingly activates a chain of events that could rock the world forever! Ridiculed by those close to him, Martin finds himself beset not only by secret societies, avaricious academics, the Catholic Church and a Russian oligarch, but also the forces of destiny itself! Can Martin find the ancient artefact in time to free himself from the wheel of fate, or will he pay the ultimate price for sins of his forefathers? God knows! but he’s not telling!

Shot amongst some of the most beautiful Yorkshire scenery and in many of the most beautiful forgotten Historic Churches of Yorkshire. Think Da Vinci code with a splash of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, but in this case it’s the staff Moses used to part the red sea, secretly brought to England at the time of Julius Caesar.
Final filming has now taken place for the Yorkshire Feature FILM “CROOKED BILLET” (also filmed in native 3D) and the film was fully completed November 2017. Filming is now underway with CROOKED BILLET II expected completion late 2018.

A cast crew and guests private screening first version Crooked Billet I (fully completed November 2017) took place at the VUE cinema Leeds on June 29th 2017. And for Crooked Billet II at the VUE cinema Leeds on November 29th 2018 (fully completed December 2018). Work on the third and final film “The Staff” is now well underway in 2019.

CROOKED BILLET Private showing at the VUE cinema June 29th Leeds


Crooked Billet Production can be contacted at NFD Productions +44 (0)1977 681949